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Indiana Monticello Chalice
Indiana Monticello Chalice

Indiana Monticello Chalice
This is believed to be the Monticello pattern by Indiana. According to Craig Schenning in his book, "A Century of Indiana Glass", Indiana first made this pattern in 1966 in crystal. In the mid 1970s, they made the pattern in lemon yellow (shown above), avocado, orange, a light teal, dark almost cobalt blue ,and milk glass. Some of their pieces were satinized.

The only item that can easily be identified to one company by the shape is the basket. The Indiana Monticelllo basket has 5 little bumps on it while the Williamsburg basket has a pinwheel design on it.

The owner of this chalice also has a ruffled bowl in the same color and according to Craig Schenning, it was made by Indiana so it is believed the chalice is also Indiana.

Tiffin had an identical pattern called Williamsburg. It was made in crystal in the 1920s then it was re-introduced in the 1940s as the Williamsburg line in the colors of that period. Tiffin made this pattern in golden banana color which is similar to the picture above. They also made dark green, plum, rose, cobalt and milk glass.They also did an allover gilt and some with a ruby and cranberry stain. #708-61.

Imperial had a similar pattern called Washington. Their pattern was first called Prism, then Lincoln, then Triangle and Mount Vernon before they settled on the name Washington. The Imperial pattern had a scalloped or notched rim on many of their pieces and they were only made in crystal.
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