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Sooner Glass Swan
Sooner Glass Swan

Sooner Glass Swan
The "Sooner" in Sooner Glass has to do with Oklahoma being known as the "Sooner State". name. This kind of glass has been found with several different labels. It is known that the Sooner labels were used by the company, Central Glass of Spiro, Oklahoma, makers of bent\curved glass for windows, cabinets etc.

The original name for the novelty glass line Old Hickory Glass, started in 1959 by E. F. Underwood. These items were made from recycled glass and cullet acquired from other glass manufacturers.

I am not sure when they began using Sooner Glass, but I assume it might have been done for the tourist trade, when this glass was available at more outlets throughout the state of Oklahoma and then later across the country in the 1970s, where is was sold at discount stores in their gift ware sections for few years.

Trumpet vases were also made with this type of glass. Both the swans and trumpet vases began showing up, sold with a lot of different names on the labels and researching those name revealed that this glass was being made in a number of different places, states... and still is.

Here is the rundown of the labels that have been found on this glass so far: Old Hickory Glass, Sooner Glass and Anchorage Glass by Wagon Hill, which had the same exact label as this piece with the covered wagon, just a different line name.
Jolly Time Glass Blowers of Colorado Springs;
Marigold Glass of Durango, Colorado; Bcraft of the Ozarks, Fort Smith, Arkansas; Smiths Old Timers of Fort Smith Arkansas, might be the same as Bcraft or another maker in the same place.

This same type of glass, same shapes etc., is still being produced in a number of places today, in the southwest U. S. and just over the border in Mexico where it is sold off of trucks and in stands along the roadside to the tourist trade. There have been reports that Kanawha Glass also makes this style of glass.

Even though some of this glass has some age and a bit of history behind it, the name Sooner Glass, used generically for any that doesn't still have the original paper label carries a bit of a joke status stigma on the secondary market and is not very highly thought of by most glass collectors.

If anyone sees some more of this type glass with a label on it that is not documented in this entry, please let us know so we can add it to the information we have.
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