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Glass Information, Museums & Research Sites

Aladdin Knights

Allegany County Museum

Anchor Hocking Museum and History

Antique Glass Salt & Sugar Shaker Club

Ball Jars

Blenko Collectors

Blenko Glass Company

Blenko Project

Cambridge 3011 Statuesque Nude Stems

Cambridge Glass Museum

Candlewick Look-A-Likes & Fakes

Candlewick Stemware Reference

Candy Containers

Carder Steuben Glass

Carnival Glass (Doty)

Carnival Glass (Thistlewoods)

Carnival Glass 101

The Charleton Line

Cocktail Shakers

Corning Museum of Glass

Crown Crystal Glass Company

Dose Glass Collector

Duncan Glass Society

Dunkirk Indiana Public Library Glass Museum

Early American Pattern Glass Society Pattern Index

Fenton Art Glass

Fenton Catalogs

Flower Frog Gazette

Flower Frogs

Fostoria American

Glass Encyclopedia

Glass Glossary

Glass Lovers Glass Database

Glass Museum

Glass Time

Glass Trinket Sets

Glass Views


Heisey Museum

Hens on a Nest

Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website

Hoosier Cabinet Glassware

Houze Glass Museum

Indiana Glass

International Perfume Bottle Association Virtual Museum

IRICE Perfume Bottle Research

Jack in the Pulpit Vases

Jefferson Lamps

Just Glass

Krys-Tol Kabinet

Kitchen Ware

Libbey Glass History

National Milk Glass Collectors Society

NCC Miami Valley Study Group Album

Nineteenth Century Lamps

Open Salts Catalogs

Pattern Glass Store

Perfume Atomizers

Phoenix & Consolidated Glass Collectors' Club

Replacements Limited

Shot Glasses - Pre-Pro

Silver City Glass

Souvenir Early American Pattern Glass

Stretch Glass

Stretch Glass

Tackling the Tecs: McKee's 18 most famous patterns

Twentieth Century Glass

Twentieth Century Pottery, Glass & Collectables Forum

U.S. Patent Office Search

Vacuum Coffee Pots

Viking Art Glass

Violin Bottle Collectors Association

Virtual Attic Articles

West Virginia Museum of Glass

Westmoreland Glass Society

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