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Glass Decorating & Metalwork Companies

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Abels, Wasserberg, & Co. (19)
The Charleton Line
Airko Manufacturing Co. (3)
Patented shaker lids.
Anchor Manufacturing Co. (5)
AnnLyn Silver Co (1)
Apollo Studios / Bernard Rice's & Sons (6)
Art Goods and Novelty Company (20)
Beth Weissman Company (1)
Bison Decorating Company (1)
Century Metalcraft (7)
Chase (1)
Depasse-Pearsall Silver Mfg. Co. (1)
New York, NY
Duncan Bros (1)
This company's products identified by a label. They may have been a jobber instead of a decorator. Their labels have been found on Indiana, Heisey, New Martinsville, and Paden City, glass.

There is no evidence that they were affiliated with Duncan & Miller.

Farber Bros (90)
Farberware (25)
Filkins Studios (5)
Filkins Studios in Buffalo, N.Y.
Forman Bros (1)
Groszart (1)
Hawaii Glass and Art (1)
Honesdale Decorating Company (2)
Irving Cut Glass (6)
Javit Crystal (2)
La Flo Cut Glass Co. (3)
Locke (2)
Lotus Glass Company, Inc. (142)
National Silver Deposit Ware Co., Inc. (19)
Phillips Cut Glass (2)
Pickard China & Glass Co. (2)
Queen Glass Co. (2)
Ransburg (5)
Ransgil (2)
Rockwell Silver Company (23)
Roden Bros, Ltd. (Canada) (5)
Sickles Glass Cutting Company (1)
Silvalyte (9)
Silver City Glass Company (21)
Sloan Glass Company (18)
Sterling Glass Co. (8)
of Cincinnati, Ohio decorated blanks from many companies. From 1900 to 1949, they were the Sterling Glass Co. Around 1949 they became the SterLing Cut Glass Company.
Thomas G. Hawkes & Company (17)
Tipp City (8)
Tuthill Cut Glass (2)
Warsaw Cut Glass (1)
Warsaw, Indiana since 1911

Here is a brief history:

W. J. Hughes (3)
Wheeling Decorating Company (35)
Foreign Companies (22)

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Anchor Ware Unknown Silver Decoration
Anchor Ware Unknown Silver Decoration
Cat: Glass Decorating & Metalwork Companies
By: Beverly Kappenman
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Companies Decorating Heisey Glass in 1916
Companies Decorating Heisey Glass in 1916
Cat: Glass Decorating & Metalwork Companies
By: Guest
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Georges Briard Advertisement
Georges Briard Advertisement
Cat: Glass Decorating & Metalwork Companies
By: Kathy McCarney
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Rainbow Roses Decoration
Rainbow Roses Decoration
Cat: Glass Decorating & Metalwork Companies
By: David McInturff
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