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AFGWU Drawings at MAGWV (6)
American Flint Glass Workers Union (AFGWU) drawings archived at the Museum of American Glass in West Virginia (MAGWV)
Bowls, Smooth Round Footed (0)
Here are the makers of completely smooth round 12" bowls with no pattern:

3 tab feet: Fostoria
(#2297 A)

4 tab feet: Cambridge
(#1348) (3-crimp)
(#1349) (10-crimp)

6 tab feet: Central

Candlestick Information (1)
Center Handled Server Identification Tool (23)
Manufacturers of center handled servers can often be identified by the shape of the handle. We have attempted to name each type of handle and used that name in the keyword field so that users can do a search on the word used for the handle shape and have a picture index of the different servers using that handle shape.

The following listings give examples of the handle shapes. Use the link in the keyword field to search for all the center handles with the same shape as the photo shown.

Finial Comparison (7)
Foot Comparison (20)
Handle Comparison (133)
Who's Got the Moulds (1)
Who got Whose moulds (leaving out collectors and private parties)?

This article was originally written by Inez Austin and offered to our discussion board. Several board members helped fill in additional information. We consider this a work in progress and will add to the information as it is learned.

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