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King's Crown Goblet Comparison
King's Crown Goblet Comparison

King's Crown Goblet Comparison
Left to right: Tiffin / U.S. Glass King's Crown 1891-1941; Tiffin Dubonnet (reissue) 1943-45; Indiana Crown (#77) mid 1950s-1990s.

Many companies made versions of the King's Crown pattern. Tiffin and Indiana examples are found most often. Tiffin goblets are made from a 3-part mold and have 9 round thumbprints. Indiana goblets are made from a 2-part mold and have 8 round thumbprints.

King's Crown was first made by Adams & Company ca. 1890 and was called X.L.C.R. (Excelsior). Adams joined the U.S. Glass Company in 1891. By 1941, U.S.G. inventory still showed a goblet, sundae and wine made from the Adams molds. In 1943 U.S.G. reissued X.L.C.R. as Dubonnet. Dubonnet was produced for 2 years and was distinguished from the earlier goblet by an extra band of stain on the rim and bottom of the bowl.

Indiana developed their own molds for the pattern. Schenning's book on Indiana Glass shows both round and oval thumbprints. He also states that Indiana eventually acquired Tiffin / USG molds for this pattern. The long-time use of the Adams / Tiffin molds probably produced some stretching of the round shape.

This discussion is limited to the goblets. Serving pieces made by Adam / Tiffin and others differ slightly. Refer to Tiffin Glass 1940-1980... by Hemminger, Goshe, and Pina, Schiffer Books, 2001, for more details.

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