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Westmoreland # 15 8" Berry Bowl
Westmoreland #  15  8" Berry Bowl

Westmoreland # 15 8" Berry Bowl
Per the forum discussion of this piece, Sid Lethbridge comments:
"This bowl is shown in a circa 1893 Pioneer Glass catalog as part of the No. 15 Line. Pioneer was a decorating company who purchased glass from manufactures, ruby stained it and sold it in their catalogs using the manufacturer's original name but not identifying the company. In Collecting Glass No 1 p 88, Heacock stated, without providing proof in the form of documentation, that this pattern was Westmoreland's No. 15. Wilson confirms this attribution in his book Westmoreland Glass and provides documentation of catalog listings.
Bryce, Higbee's Ethol aka "Cut Log" and the No. 15 Line are extremely similar in appearance leading to a lot of confusion between the two patterns in the glass literature. Now that we can study the available catalog pages of the two patterns it is apparent that there are significant differences in form and shape of the various pieces.
US Glass 15021 aka "Broken Column" has only a superficial resemblance to this line. It has long rounded breaks in the vertical columns that line up horizontally. The other two patterns have V shaped notches that are offset horizontally."

http://chataboutdg.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=16758 Click here to see the catalog page.
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