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Indiana # 521 American Whitehall Butter
Indiana # 521 American Whitehall Butter

Indiana # 521 American Whitehall Butter
This pink butter dish was made sometime after the mid-1980s, when the pattern was manufactured by Indiana Glass with the marketing name of "American Whitehall." Indiana had been making Whitehall for years, so where did the "American" come from. Basically, it was a marketing plan to cash in on the popularity of the Fostoria American pattern.

A little corporate history: Colony Class introduced the "cubist" Whitehall pattern in the 1950s and Indiana Glass produced it in various colors. By 1957, Indiana was owned by Lancaster Glass and still producing Whitehall. In 1962, Colony merged with Lancaster Glass, and the company became Lancaster Colony Corp. Indiana continued to make the Whitehall pattern as before.

In the mid-1980s, Lancaster Colony Corp. bought Fostoria Glass Co. and for marketing purposes, changed the Whitehall pattern's name to "American Whitehall;" Indiana produced items in pink, teal and light blue. The Fostoria moulds were not suited to Indiana's machine production methods and were sold to Dalzell-Viking, which produced quality reproductions of selected items of American until the company closed in 1998.

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