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Potomac Bi-Color Water Goblet w/ "Shield" Etch
Potomac Bi-Color Water Goblet w/ "Shield" Etch

Potomac Bi-Color Water Goblet w/ "Shield" Etch
(Possibly Sloan Bros.) The goblet stands 8-3/16" tall, is 3-1/2" across the top of the bowl,; it holds about 9 oz. A closeup of the etch is here: https://chataboutdg.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=20963

It appears that the Shield etch was used on goblets in crystal, pink, amber, pink with clear stem, and yellow with amber trim. Murschell also showed the etch on the Potomac 6-sided stem with a green bowl (p. 52); this stem was also one of the stem designs later produced by U.S. Glass (as line D-100).

In the past, this stem has been presented as Tiffin, but information in the Dale Murschell monograph on Maryland Glass and discussion by Jay George and others, it is more likely a Potomac stem or Sloan Bros. stem.

Per Murschell, the plate etching is known locally as “Shield” and the shouldered six-sided stem design as “Tapered.”

Stem artifacts were found at the former Potomac site. This stem line was also produced by the Sloan Brothers c. 1930-32 after a fire caused the demise of the Potomac factory in April 1929. Advertisements document that Sloan Bros. made this stem in Rock Crystal with cut designs.

The 1931-32 Montgomery Ward catalog pictured the same stem with Sloan’s “Cloth of Golde” pattern: https://chataboutdg.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=16209

Another fire in 1932 brought an end to the Sloan facility.

The purported connection with Tiffin is apparently based on the catalog page reproduced on p. 97 of Bickenheuser’s Tiffin Glassmasters (I). This page however is labeled “United States Glass Co., Pittsburgh” rather than “Factory R, Tiffin, Ohio” as on the Tiffin ware catalog pages.

The U.S. Glass versions of certain Potomac-Sloan stem designs were shown in crystal with various cut designs on this 1935 catalog page. The U.S. Glass versions were produced c. 1935-40. When U.S. Glass made this stem, they designated the line D-200; these stems were likely produced in the U.S. Glass facility in Glassport, PA, or possibly at Factory K in Pittsburgh.

While the U.S. Glass D-200 line has also been found with known numbered etches, there is no documentation (e.g., catalog page or actual stem with a factory sticker) I have found that U.S. Glass ever produced the “Shield” etch. Page/Frederiksen (Replacements) designated this etch as 200-2, and 1000-2 on another stem line, i.e., an unknown pattern. D-1000, a “bulbous” stem design, also originated with Potomac; an example of this stem was used in Florence’s Glassware Pattern Identification Guide – II, with the etching called “Floral Shield.” This bulbous stem design appears in Murschell with the Potomac-Sloan Double Sunflower etching (p. 51).
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