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Haley Glassware Company History
Haley Glassware Company History

Haley Glassware Company History
Haley (K. R.) Glassware Company, Inc., Greensburg, Pennsylvania (1946-1973). This was a continuation of the General Glassware Company, founded in 1939 by Kenneth R. Haley, in partnership with Herman Lowerwitz, president of the American Glass Company in Carney, Kansas. Considering the length of time these two companies were in operation, it is surprising that so little information is available on them. General Glassware and the subsequent Haley company were glassware distributors only, with the actual glass produced by the American Glass Company and, in at least one case, the Phoenix Glass Company.

Kenneth Haley was the son of Reuben Haley, the well known designer who had worked for most of the major glass companies in the United States. Kenneth Haley himself was a master mold maker who did design work for many companies before going into partnership with Lowerwitz, including Consolidated, Morgantown, Phoenix (where he was design engineer from 1928-1934), Gillinder, McKee and others.

--From "The Glass Candlestick Book, volume 2", by Tom Felt, Rich & Elaine Stoer (reprinted with permission).
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