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Pinch Decanter Comparison
Pinch Decanter Comparison

Pinch Decanter Comparison
Several companies made pinch decanters. This photo shows a McKee (3 pinch decanter), a Cambridge pinch decanter and a Louie pinch decanter.

The Louie and Cambridge decanters were photographed side by side but the McKee is a different photo so it should not be used for size comparison. The Cambridge decanter is 11 inches tall to the top of the stopper. Cambridge decanters have a large flat rim at the top which helps with their identification. The Louie decanter has a pinch which is wider horizontally than vertically while the McKee pinch is taller than it is wide.

Ken Nicol contributed photos of the Cambridge and Louie decanters. Mike contributed the photo of the McKee decanter.
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Date: 06.08.2007 23:28
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