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Westmoreland # 75 Small Bulldog
Westmoreland #  75 Small Bulldog

Westmoreland # 75 Small Bulldog
This little dog stands 2 5/8 in. from foot to ear tip; black glass with matt finish. Yelllowish rhinestone (?) eyes pasted into silver-painted sockets; painted gold collar that buckles on the dog's left (shown at top right).

According to Charles Wilson's book, the location of the buckle is an identifying characteristic for the Westmoreland version. He states that several other companies also made the little bulldogs, including U.S. Glass/Tiffin and Lancaster. This information is incorrect, however, because company records show that USG/Tiffin never made a bulldog.

The lower right picture shows the rather crude base. (The white stuff is shelf glue used as some protection against California earthquakes!)

Source: C. West Wilson, Westmoreland Glass,, Collector Books, 1996, p.307
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Date: 10.04.2004 13:21
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