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Minton Borders Comparison
Minton Borders Comparison

Minton Borders Comparison
This a rough composite of Minton and Minton type decorations posted on the board or in the gallery.

Left Column

1. Jim's original unknown etch on tumbler
2. McBeth-Evans from Patent
3. Cambridge D-619 on Cambridge Vase
4. Cambridge from Decorates Book
5. Minton on Cambridge CHS
6. Tiffin Minton
7. Tiffin Minton from Tiffin Modern Mid-Century Art Glass by Hemminger, Goshe, Pina
8. Wheeling D-2A
9. Wheeling D-2B

Right Column

10. Morgantown Minton
11. Morgantown from Gallagher eBay auction
12. Maryland Glass Medallion
13. Minton on Liberty CHS
14. Minton on Heisey Basket
15. Honesdale Minton
16. Unknown Minton
17. Minton etch on Czech vase
Keywords: encrusted, gold, etch, band
Date: 02.02.2008 17:28
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