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Honesdale Decorating Company

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"American Art Nouveau Glass" by A. Revi states the company closed in 1932. Their original function was to decorate Dorflinger & Sons wares with etched, engraved and gilded designs. The designs were decorated with real gold and fired in a kiln at 900 degrees fahrenheit. Sometimes Dorflinger's lead-glass blanks collapsed in the heat generated by the kilns. In 1916 they changed to lime-glass blanks with could withstand the heat, these blanks were procured from Heisey, Fostoria and others.

Etched cased-glass vases, some as large as 30" tall and other fancy wares were produced between 1901 and 1915. Most of these are signed in script letters on the bottom. Some of these are almost identical to Val St Lambert and Baccarat.

Honesdale was established in 1901 in Honesdale, PA by C. Dorflinger & Sons and operated by Carl F. Prosch of NY. Ub 1916 Prosch purchased it from Dorflinger and operated it until closing.

Most pieces are marked with "Honesdale" in script or with "HDC" or the initial "H" on a shield.

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