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Gallery 2005 Anniversary Message
Gallery 2005 Anniversary Message

Gallery 2005 Anniversary Message
The following post was posted in the forum after we had diligently worked to complete all the Adam to Windsor pattern pictures in the gallery. At the end of our first year we had 1494 images in the gallery. by the time we finished our little anniversary project we had over 1629 pictures in the gallery.

"Thank you to all my good friends who participate on this site. Your discoveries and knowledge make each hour more pleasant. We share the beauty of America's glass craftsmen and celebrate their heritage in a way that I am sure they would appreciate. This is an art and history project combined and our posts enrich both spheres of knowledge.

Thank you Annie for bringing us together and showing us how to use new technology to learn about the past and share all the knowledge as well.

Have you noticed how flattering champagne is to my stem's yellow bowl? It intensifies the color and adds sparkle to the already brillant glass? Thank you Janice for lending it to me.

Thank you Suzanne for bringing these beauties all together for our virtual toast.

The dedication and determination that everyone on this site shares is mind boggling. When we started planning this celebration only two weeks ago, several of us hoped to complete our Adam to Windsor patterns in the gallery and when the call went out to the membership we were almost run over with contributions. We were about 60 images short of 1500 then and now just two weeks later we have all the patterns requested and 1629 images in the gallery. We have at least one entry for every glass company listed in HMW2 except Vineland, but we also have other companies listed as well.

I am so thankful for this site and even more thankful for what I am sure is literally hundreds of volunteer hours the Administration Team has given to this project. Thank you David, Dean, Kathy, Rick and Suzanne. As my grandchildren would say - you are awesome!

May each of you have a great new glass year. Cheers "

Posted 2/2/05 at 11:04 AM by Jo Davis
Date: 10.02.2006 22:26
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