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Gallery 2006 Anniversary Message
Gallery 2006  Anniversary Message

Gallery 2006 Anniversary Message
Cheers to all the glass lovers and best wishes for another great glass year filled with fantastic finds.

We had an Anniversary Week this year and as usual everyone worked together and the gallery benefited.

Kathy challenged us all to see how many of the Elegant and Depression Glass Companies we could add new items to in a week. After our effort we now have 2793 listings. A far cry from the over 8000 Annie had but not bad for a group of part timers. Many beautiful pieces of glass we added but Mike's Queen Louise stem and Janice's Seneca Nude deserve special attention. I'm sure many of you also have personal favorites too. Kathy's summary and accounting are provided below.

" It's 11:30 EST and I'm the only one left on the board. I don't think I'm going to make it till Midnight, so I've tabulated the results:

We added 3 new categories: Erickson, Super Glass and Kanawha.

Out of 67 categories on the list, we added items to 56 of them.

The ones we missed:

Bartlett Collins
K. R. Haley

I took every plain piece of glass that I owned and compared it to the Standard photos in HMW2, but couldn't come up with one!

Things I learned -
That I have a heck of a lot more glass than I realized (I'll put my attic up against Rick's basement, as long as it's daylight! )

That the people on this board are AWESOME! Everyone rose to the challenge, and we added 205 new photos in just a week. Think what we could have done if we'd planned it ahead of time!

I still have a large number of photos to post, but I spent the last few days concentrating on trying to fill in the gaps. Stay tuned!!

Remember, if you want to see everything that has been posted, click on the New Images link in the upper right-hand corner of the board. You can scroll through and see everything that's been added. Or, you can just click on any category that says NEW and look for the recent additions.

My thanks to everyone - I hope you all had as much fun looking at the photos as I did digging out the pieces to post.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Date: 12.02.2006 10:22
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