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Gallery 2007 Anniversary Message
Gallery 2007 Anniversary Message

Gallery 2007 Anniversary Message
Our third anniversary was celebrated with an invitation for members to 'bring their own plate' to virtually enjoy a piece of the wonderful cakes provided by our own Lauri Kennedy, and with the following poem:

A tribute to Jo!

D. G. Shopper Online
Was the place to be
For lovers of Glass
Back in 2003.

Annie Shatrau ran the site
Lots of information to share.
A Chatboard, photos and articles
You could find it all there.

Until Annie served notice
On a dark December Night.
The site would soon shut down
Ill health was her plight.

How would we survive
Without the DGSO there?
No place to hang out
No information to share.

The solution would come
From out Oklahoma way.
A non-techie Grandma
Might just save the day.

So enter Jo Davis
An Ice Bucket Fan.
Her son had a server
And she had a plan....

She invited some friends
From the old DGSO
To check out this place
That we?ve all come to know.

Enter Suzanne and Dean
Then Kathy & Rick.
And with one day of testing
?it was really that quick.

The word soon got out
Of this new place to try.
And friends old and new
Were soon stopping by.

We had our place to visit
But it wasn?t enough.
We now needed a way
To show Pictures and stuff!

So the Gallery was born
On that February day.
One simple posting
And we were on our way.

In no time at all
The Gallery grew.
Over Four Thousand entries
Each day something new.

It?s a labor of Love
All done without cost.
But thanks to Invision
Sometimes ?Love?s Labors Lost?

So give three cheers to Jo
As we mark this day.
Thanks for giving us all
This fine place to ?play?.

Thanks Jo - the last 3 years have been a blast.
Date: 05.01.2008 09:57
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Added by: Kathy McCarney

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